This special workshop is fun and nurturing and it's all about colours, shapes, lines and learning how to connect to our inner self, the part of us that wants to play, communicate and heal through creativity.

Where: a beautiful house in the magical Dandenong Mountains.
 Sunday, 10am-3pm 
Cost: $50


Delicious and Nutritious vegetarian soup will be provided.


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We supply high quality paints and other art products. Groups are small with lots of individual attention, support and guidance.

What is a Mandala?

Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle and represents a symbolic creation of the universe. In these circular creations, we have the opportunity to reflect the energy of our intentions and utilize art as a tool for self-discovery. Our intention is to reconnect with our deeper essence and nurture our sense of intuition, learning our deeper powers that go beyond thought and logic.
Essentially this is about returning to our centre – and coming back home.


How does it works?


The session begins with a short guided meditation to help us to connect with our own centre of intuition. This forms the basis for our creation and revelation. Starting from the centre of the circle in alignment with our own heart centre, the colours and the strokes flow naturally, teaching us how to trust ourselves. 


The Mandala Workshop is an opportunity to develop yourself through simple creative processes whilst sharing space within a supportive, safe and inspiring community. 

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