Hi my name is Dana Amir

I am passionate about art and spirituality!

I grow up in a Kibbutz in Israel that was a bit like a village full of artists and was exposed to many opportunities for creative expression.

I have been painting, sewing, sculpting and recycling anything I could get my hands on from a very young age!

A couple of years ago I discovered face and body painting and it has been a big influence on my creative expressions, because painting of a living canvas is amazing. I started with children face painting in parties from there to body painting in festivals and then wins second place in the “Australian body art competition" in Melbourne in 2012. From there I have been exploring painting on pregnant belly’s… .  I love to interact with the people I am painting on and especially around the energy of pregnancy and creation.

 In 2014 my beautiful husband and I followed our dreams and moved to live in the “Dandenong Mountains", and it was there that I discovered mandala painting. One day whilst walking the magical streets of Upwey, a sign on a shop window offering a course for mandala painting immediately attracted me and after completing this course I learnt another way of creating and sharing and began to run my own workshops.

In 2015 I left my full time job as an Hebrew teacher in the kindergarten of Biallik college and become a full time artist working from home running workshops and loving life.

This life is so amazing when you let your heart lead you. We always meet the right people in the right places that showing us the way. I am so grateful and blessed. Always thanking the universe for taking care of me...

Art has always been a peaceful place for me and the best way for me to express myself. Now I got to the point I have to share it with others!!

That’s what my heart says now, who knows what I’ll do in the future, I intend to continue learning, stay open and inspired… and share my teachings with the world xx  

 I wish you an amazing journey. xx


Dana Amir

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